Kerry Pharma’s Distribution Solutions is one of a kind, focusing exclusively on the Asian region to maximise penetration of products and their rate of integration into the local market. This means a stronger market presence – and more profitable expansion for our clients. institutions.


Beyond region-wide coverage and penetration, the use of innovative technologies and a well-trained and experienced customer service team of industry experts, we form a close relationship with all key channels across our extensive network, covering key chains, ethical and trade sectors. These relationships both serve to reinforce the network and give us another finger on the pulse of the industry, allowing us to adapt to trends quickly and help our clients stay on top of profitable new market opportunities.

  • Standard temperature-controlled handling
  • Traceability and accuracy

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

With rapid industry growth and highly nuanced demand across different countries, Asia can be a challenging market space for Medical Devices & Diagnostics (MDD) companies, who often have requirements unique to each area where their products are distributed and sold. Kerry Pharma specialises in tailored supply chain solutions for a wide spectrum of MDD businesses – emphasising strong market presence and smart product targeting. With a clear view of the industry, we can help manufacturers navigate local regulatory requirements, commercial compliance and quality assurance with a minimum of unnecessary worries.

  • Specialised in tailoring specific supply chain solutions
  • Improved visibility
  • Traceability and accuracy

Consumer Health & Over-the-counter (OTC)

With an intimate knowledge of the complex dynamics and vast disparities present across different Asian consumer health markets, Kerry Pharma provides smart and effective distribution solutions – all the way from traditional pharmaceutical business to all key trade channels. By carefully tailoring our approach for each client in each market, we deliver trade marketing solutions that maximise penetration, increase brand presence and improve consumer sales. We also provide detailed product performance information, allowing our clients to focus on optimising their portfolio while we take care of quality assurance, compliance and regulatory concerns. Our ever-expanding network of relationships throughout Asia means our clients are assured their products and services are in the best position to grow.

  • Value-added solutions
  • Improved in-store visibility
  • Optimised consumer purchases

Pharma Asia-Hub Logistics

Kerry Pharma possesses great regional strength across Greater China. Through our hub in Hong Kong, we are able to reduce lead times, offer vastly improved operational flexibility and scalability, and secure better rates from our suppliers. Overall, this means more security for the quality and integrity of our clients’ products, and greater long-term profitability. Our strong network translates to high efficiency and sustainability.

Specialised Solutions

We offer highly customised solutions for the distribution of specialty drugs, such as named-patient, orphan or early-access products for those who require access to treatment options not yet registered or for pre-market research. We also provide totally scalable transport, storage and access solutions for companies catering to niche groups of customers, whether in a single clinic or across an entire region.

One solution can’t fit every challenge – so our tailored Specialised Solutions programmes cater for distinct specialty requirements to help bring innovations to life.